Propius Portal: RemoteService24

Remote service / remote control without installation



How many different types of SEC-Sticks are there?

Buero2Go is available in 3 different types: RDP (uses the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol), VNC (uses Frame Buffer Protocol) and TCP (any port can be transmitted). The differences are mainly in the usability of remote control. While using RDP, the normal Windows login appears and the screen is locked during the session. On VNC sessions someone can watch what the remote operator is doing with mouse and keyboard. The TCP-Stick tunnels a specific port to the client side for example server services. This port must be notified to Propius before we deliver the stick.

Which operating systems are supported?

When using the RDP-Stick on the remote controlled PC must be installed at least Windows XP Professional. For non RDP capable systems such as Windows XP/Vista Home a 3rd party RDP software is delivered, which is 14 days free of charge. After this test period this license will cost about 30.-€. When using the VNC-Stick also older operating systems are supported. For the client PCs the software also is available as JAVA version in order to support Linux and MAC systems.

When begins the service contract?

With the first installation of the client service (setup.exe) and its first connection to RemoteService24, the 2-year contractual maturity is starting. After this period the service can be extended or the interconnections will be disabled.


How secure are the connections?

The remote access consists of outgoing SSH2 connections that come with RSA keys (at least 1024bit) with AES 256 encryption. The interconnection within the portal is protected against tampering and espionage attacks. The solution itself is a compound present at the application layer, which means it will only transfer the data from the remote RDP/VNC (desktop, mouse, keyboard). A direct coupling of networks does not take place. So malware has no chance to infect the computers involved. File-transfer can be enabled on the client side, but should be for security reasons the exception (see below). This remote maintenance can be carried out thus classified as highly secure and it has regard to remote VPN solutions benefits. In addition, the SSH-based solution is faster than compared VPN because less data has to be exchanged and it can perform a data compression.

How can I change my key password?
  • Start the "RemoteOffice.exe"
  • Uncheck the box "e@syConnect"
  • Click to the button "Private Key"
  • Click to "Change Password"
  • Enter the old password once and the new password two times and click to "Save"

What, if a SEC-Stick get lost?

If a stick is lost, you should made a message to Propius as soon as possible so that the connection can be disabled or deleted. Of course, the stick itself is secured by password but some risk from abuse still exists.


What network conditions must prevail to make it working

The involved PCs need access to the internet. It doesn´t matter if it´s a wireless (Wifi, UMTS, EDGE) or a wired connection (xDSL). Be sure that existing firewalls don´t filter outgoing packages SSH-packages on port 22002. The connection are also configurable to networks using a proxy server.

Can I connect to Remoteservice24 via a proxy server?

In many networks the internet is only reachable via a proxy server. In this case the proxy must be congifigured in the stick setup. Please ask your network administrator for the address, port and login data of the proxy and set them this way:
  • Start the "RemoteOffice.exe"
  • Uncheck the box "e@syConnect"
  • Click to the button "Configuration" and on "Proxy"
  • Activate the box "Use HTTP-Proxy"
  • Type in the neccesary information and click on "Save"

Which conditions must predominate that the service can be installed?

Using the RDP-Stick the terminal service must be activated. A local user must exist who needs the rights to use the RDP. The setup checks this conditions and offers posibilities to make changes on the Windows system.

How can I uninstall the service?

Using the "Setup.exe" an installed servie can be uninstalled without any tracks on the system. The "setup.exe" can be used independent of the stick.


Is the remote PC continue reachable after a reboot?

Normally the service is set to "Automatic" and will be started after every boot of the system. After this it connects automatically to the Propius portal "RemoteService24" and the connection state will be shown in the systray (WatchEventLog/traffc lights). With the right mouse button on the systray-symbol you can setup the behaviour of the service. Also connecion information and service management are available.

What happens if I install the service on several PCs?

In principle, this is possible but please note: Only this Pc can be remote controlled, which has started the connection to the internet first. For all the others the channel is already occupied and they get an error message (red light). If the connected PC will shut down or rebooted, another "wins" the channel. If you can handle the internet access of the PCs somehow, you can choose which PC should be accessable.

Do I need to configure the host PC?

On the host PCs nothing have to be installed. Started on the SEC-Stick the software doesn´t change or drops data and doesn´t change the registry.

Can I also use my own stick?

Yes, please contact Propius.

Can I excange data between the involved hosts?

Yes. Using the RDP-stick:
  • Start the "RemoteOffice.exe"
  • Uncheck the box "e@syConnect"
  • Click to the button "Configuration" and on "Application"
  • In the line "Options" click to "Configure"
  • As profile choose "User defined"
  • activate the box "Local Hardware" and "Map Drives"
Now all drives from the client computer are available on the remote PC and you can excange files and folders. You also can link printers, the clipboard and smartcard readers as well.
Using the VNC-stick, on the VNC-server the box "Activate file transfer" must be checked. Now on the client you can click the button "File transfer" and a window appears to handle files and folders.


The traffic light always switches to "red"

Please check if the computer has internet access and the port 22002 is open for outgoing connections. Also the service can be installed on another PC and the channel is aleady occupied. In this case deactivate or uninstall the competing service there.

Using the VNC-stick I get a connect but I don´t get a login window.

In the VNC-Servers "Admin Properties" the checkbox "Allow Loppback Connections" must be activated. So the server accepts also connections which are not coming directly from the LAN interface.