Propius Portal: RemoteService24

Remote maintenance without installation


With the SecureStickAccess product family, Propius provides different ways for secure access or remote control to remote machines and computers via USB-stick. The security is ensured through the proven SSH and IPsec VPN methods. The remote access is free of software installation on the guest computers.

In terms of the Propius products PRO Buero2Go and 2StickAccess the tunnel linking is realized in the internet using the Remoteservice24 servie. So the products can be provided Plug&Connect cabable to the customers.

Propius RemoteOffice
PRO Buero2Go
In the Internet linked encrypted tunnels which are interconnected at RemoteService24 Gate
PRO Standard
Direct encrypted link between stick and mGuard on the PC. No installation required on the PC.

Encrypted tunnel-linking between 2 SEC-Sticks