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VPN linking in the internet


Propius provides for machine and plants engineering companys which not want or are able maintain their own connection management for various reasons (only a few compouts per year, inadequate infrastructure, lack of staff) this operation as a service.

The engineering company must be either invest in their own VPN-hardware-gateway even it needs know how to configure mGuard devices. Propius will configure all required mGuard VPN components and provides the user a Plug&Connect solution.

Propius operates a VPN-node, which is automatically linking incomming VPN-connections from the remote machine location and the service center of a user - without the possibility to inspect or modify the traffic. The only condition is that both, the machine and in the service center, will be mGuards installed with VPN which were previously "married" to each other in the VPN-node.

The VPN-node works in a high-secure area of a network provider and is conneted to a high-speed Internet port using a fixed IP address. An administrative access to the VPN nodes is possible only by Propius staff on authentication by X.509 certificates. Customers can always move with their VPN connections on its own technology.


  • Remote maintenance without operation of a service center
  • Ideal introduction to modern ethernet-based remote working
    - Teleservice
    - remote maintenance
    - Condition Monitoring
  • Suitable for small and medium sized service providers
  • Connection of machines / plants and service centers without fixed IP addresses
  • Centralized configuration of connections and Plug & Connect-capable Rollout
  • Low service costs

Features overview

  • The customer purchases in general the mGuard components from its suppliers. In special cases the mGuard products can be purchased from Propius
  • Propius supports the collection of customer-specific parameters via Questionnaire
  • No operational and security know-how required
  • Central hotline for access problems
  • IPSec-VPN with AES256 als standard
  • Using customer-owned or externally generated X.509 certificates
  • Each customer (service center) gets its own address range. Through centralized management no improper connections are possible
  • Using the 1:1 NAT feature the mGuard integration can be carried into customer networks without network changes
  • High availability and reliability of Propius VPN node (tunnel-link)

Installation procedure

  1. The customer is responsible Propius with a VPN Plug & Connect service package.
  2. Propius contacts the customer and asking for all required data for the mGuard configuration and certificates (Questionnaire).
  3. Propius configures the mGuard and sends these to the customers locations including instructions.
  4. Propius supports customers with telephone support during commissioning.
  5. Customers who use their own certificates for VPN connections can replace the default certificates. The package includes one customized certificate change. Other changes are not free.
  6. The price also includes phone support for connection problems over the entire operating period.
  7. The customer can always the RemoteService24 mediated connections move to its own service center.

Datasheet Plug&ConnectQuestionnaire